• 4 Passengers.
  • 180 KM Per Hour.
  • 2 Dead.
  • 1 Story.

Jared’s Message

‘Just Another Saturday Night’

Road Safe Expo 2011

In 2010 key Stakeholders, including Police, RoadSafe HB, HB District Health Board got together to discuss concerns around youth, alcohol and drink driving. One of the ideas was to hold an event that featured the risks of drink driving.

The purpose though was to look at providing not only awareness but also solutions for youth.  Also the priority for these stakeholders was to utilise young people as part of the solution. Unfortunately Hawkes Bay youth have been involved in some high speed, alcohol related crashes resulting in a number of fatalities and serious injuries.

From these discussions it was decided to hold a Youth Alcohol Expo in May 2011. The programme included guest speakers who had either been involved in a crash or had a family member involved in one. The second part of the event was to provide an interactive Expo where students could talk to service providers and also ‘experience’ the effects of intoxication by using the “fatal vision goggles”. These goggles simulate intoxication, this then provides the opportunity to discuss how this impacts on driver ability etc. The road safety partners are currently planning the 2012 event.