• 4 Passengers.
  • 180 KM Per Hour.
  • 2 Dead.
  • 1 Story.

Jared’s Message

‘Just Another Saturday Night’

Fatigue Stops for Rugby Fans

Road Safe HB and New Zealand Police joined forces on Wednesday the 5th and 6th July 2017 to provide fatigue stops for the touring groups following the rugby games across New Zealand. One of the groups that arrived was very keen to have their photo taken with local (Napier/Hastings) Police. Large numbers of tourists stopped to share the hospitality provided by Road Safe HB. It was a good opportunity for Police mixing and mingling amongst the groups that attended the fatigue stop and offer them advice on safe driving and the risks of fatigue etc.

Road Safe HB and Police would like to thank the staff from Higgins who provided the site traffic safety management for this activity. The staff where outstanding and provided parking directions for the motorhomes and other vehicles.

Liz and I would like to acknowledge the Hawkes Bay Police for their huge efforts, it is always great to see key agencies working together to reduce road trauma. The message is a simple one, Road Safety Is Everyones Responsibility.